Top ten fashion accessories for men

best accessories for men
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There are accessories for every occasion, which we will look in today’s article. I am going to talk about the top ten fashion accessories for men which every man should have in his arsenal.

What are Men’s accessories ?
Accessories are an amazing way to add dimension to your style as said by Alex Costa. They take your style game from a zero to complete ten. If you want to level yourself up, then you are on the right blog my friend. You can add a watch to an outfit or pull up a sleek looking necklace.

One of the worst things that happen is when you are trying to go out, is trying on the outfit and finding out that it sucks. Like its missing something, you look alright but there is nothing special about it. Moreover,not worth even talking about. For instance, you are missing on the right accessories to spice up your outfit.

This list also makes up to the top men’s accessories trend 2021. Want more details on which accessories will suit you then continue reading.

The first on the list is rings.

Why men should wear rings as accessories?

I know what you are thinking, a lot of men shy away from wearing rings. Because they think its a lot too feminine or they just can’t pull it off. Nevertheless, this is not true. Firstly, the thing is you need to get a ring which fits your personality. If you’re edgier go for a skull ring or if you don’t want to make a bold statement then go for a simple black or a silver one. There is definitely something out there for everyone, its all up to you how to experiment or play around with them. I personally wear a black ring with a small cross on it. Believe me,rings are a great conversation starter.

fashion accessories for men

Number two on the list are sunglasses and specs.

Sunglasses are a top accessory every man should own.

Now, glasses are one of the things that any guy can incorporate in his day-to-day life and it instantly looks amazing. Just because you are lucky and have perfect vision doesn’t mean you can’t rock them. Moreover, wearing the right frame makes you look mysterious, elegant and stylish as hell. Sunglasses can also change the vibe of an outfit completely. Not to forget, they protect your eyes from wrinkling and aging while also styling up your look.

fashion accessories for men

Number three on the list is a watch.

Why wear watches in this modern era of smartphones?

The watch is one of those peices that you see guys wearing less nowadays because of you know smartphones and smartwatches. The great thing about watches is that it makes you stand out from rest of the crowd. Similarly, wearing a watch makes you look classy, responsible and you know you’re always on point. Likewise, here you’ll get loads of options to explore. But my advice to you is firstly, that go for a black , blue , rose gold, brown watches only. Because they go with any outfit. Secondly, always go for a watch which fits your personality. What I mean by this is that if you are skinny guy avoid going for huge dial watch, otherwise go a one with a small dial only. Thirdly,avoid fancy watches, ya I know those are cool but they were when we were kids.

watch strap online india

Number four on the top ten fashion accessories for men is upgrading a wallet.

A slim wallet makes you look sexy as well as a responsible person.

Most guys think you know that wallet is a simple thing to carry just for some cash and cards and thats it. But this is definitely not something you want to overlook. People notice your wallet every time you remove it out. Especially, when you’re out on a date with a girl. For example, nobody will like it when you remove a spiderman or a marvel wallet. I know you are fan of them but never use such ones, less you never want that person to not talk to you again. Instead, invest in a nice leather slim sleek looking wallet that will carry all the essentials that you need.

top fashion men accessories

Number five on the top ten fashion accessories for men is your phone case.

Why are phone cases good?

Ya, I know a lot of men definitely don’t invest in a good phone case. Reason being to definitely not to ruin the look of your sexy phone. However, they mostly end damaging their phones when it slips from their hands otherwise end with a scratch on their screens. A good case will not only safeguard your mobile from scratches but also minimize the impact when it falls/slips from your hands. What I recommend here is go for a case that is modern, matte and matches your personality. Similar to your wallet you don’t want anything that’s too big or clunky like a big leather case or a wood case. Avoid too bright,funky,slogans and folders type phone cases. Of course, you should go for a nice looking design that you love and that will look good no matter what the scenario calls for.

phone covers for men

Number six on the top ten fashion accessories for men is upgrading your backpack.

Why invest in a good backpack?

If you are school going then go for a stylish backpack, if you are office going person go for a leather one. Also to not mention, if you are college going guy then go for a duffle or a sleek looking backpack. What I recommend is go for a black or a brown backpack which will match your every look, since they are versatile colors.

fashion accessories for men

Number seven on the top ten fashion accessories for men is bracelets.

Should men wear bracelets?

Bracelets are a great conversation starter. To break the silence in an awkward situation,bracelets are a fantastic topic to go with. There are many types of bracelets for men, including men leather bracelet,men bangle, men chain bracelets or a gold/silver bracelet would also do. You can mix match loads of materials. But don’t overdo it. Wearing heavy bracelets can make your wrist look thin which is not the point.
“Wearing a men bracelet is another way to show a little flavor of you.”

bracelet for men

Number eight on the top ten fashion accessories for men list is a necklace.

Is it ok for a man to wear a necklace?

As professionals suggest that men look great when they wear a necklace. Of course, it levels up your outfit game. It not compliments him but also makes him attractive as hell. It signals he is man of taste and is a detail oriented person. Don’t go for something which is ridiculously heavy ,overly huge ones not comfortable at all. Keep them minimal and outfit-based.

best accessories for men

Number nine on the list is a belt.

How do I choose the right belt?

Imagine you are on an important occasion and your pants keep going down, since you forgot to wear an important item. So here belts come into play. Belts should be black or brown only, don’t experiment much with them. Because your other accessories will easily match with them. The width of your belts should be medium, so you can wear them in office as well as for casual occasions. Never opt for funky, fake looking, threading belts. Not to forget, buckle of the belt should be short to medium sized.

classy fashion accessories for men

The last one but not the least on the top fashion men accessories list is the scarf.

How to style a scarf a manly way?

Scarfs are of the stylish things a man can wear. They not only keep you warm but also protect your neck. Not to mention, they can elevate your style game from 5 to a complete 10. They are a instant style upgrade for any guy. Below are some pictures on how to style a scarf a manly way.

neck scarf for men
scarves for men


Remember to keep all the accessories to a minimal and should be occasion based. For instance, a school bag to a office will make you look unmindful. Accessories chosen should not only blend with the outfit but also elevate the outfit. In the light of this, they should compliment your outfit instead of overpowering them.

Thank you for patiently reading my blog. Do follow it, since I am going to post a lot of men’s fashion related articles which you definitely don’t want to miss. Any girl reading this, you too are welcome.

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