Seven things Mentally Strong People do

Seven things which mentally strong people do

What are the seven most important characteristics that make you a mentally strong person?

I think most folks are on an endless , life-long journey to seek out our greatest selves. Some days we desire the planet is at our feet, with other days, nothing seems to travel right.

It’s easy to feel lost, and like everybody else seems to possess better luck in life.

Fortunately, it’s easy to be yourself when you’re relaxed and happy. The trick is standing mentally strong and staying faithful with yourself when the entire world seems to expect you to act like somebody else.

So, next time if you feel like you are not yourself. Everything seems lost and everyone seems to be against you. You fear change. You are in a dark black hole from where coming out seems impossible. People-pleasing has become your habit. You have started prioritizing someone above you. Staying alone makes you feel unsafe. Then remember you have these seven characteristics of mentally strong people to look onto.

Let’s get started.

 1. Mentally strong people know their self-worth. 

Mentally strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness. They don’t need the approval of others. 

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Mentally strong people know their value. They know they are enough. What is good and bad for them is already known them. Firstly, they are confident in their own skin. Secondly, they know they are flawed and that no one is perfect. Thirdly, it is known to them how to carry oneself, the way one desires. Lastly, being immune to criticism and open to feedback makes them stand out.

They know that they are enough. Beautiful, attractive, deserving, loyal, lovable, generous, kind, forgiving enough.

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2. Mentally strong people focus on the things they can control and leave the things they can’t. 

Phenomenal changes occur when you let go of the need to control. 

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Constant urge to control things leads to stress. Million’s of things keep on occurring around us. We definitely can’t control them, but we can control how we react to them. They know this fact very well. Instead, of controlling things, they observe their emotions and triggers. They are well prepared for such repeated events. So their major focus is on not to change the world, but to change themselves.

What you can never change

  • The past
  • The world
  • Other people

What you can always change

  • Your attitude
  • Assumptions
  • Beliefs

The essence of being an emotionally intelligent person is being able to know when an emotion deserves a response and when an emotion deserves to be acknowledged, experienced, and then politely shown the door.

3. They take responsibility for their actions and not of others. 

With great responsibility comes great power. 

Mark Manson
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They take responsibility for their problems and obstacles life throws at them. Without throwing a stone at someone else, I mean without blaming others. Since, the more they choose to accept responsibility for their experience, the more power they exercise over their lives.

Moreover, it is known to them that they are responsible for their behavior and actions. Any time faced with difficulty in their lives, they look at it as an opportunity to make themselves stronger. 

4. Mentally strong people live life fearlessly 

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose

Vishen Lakhani

Living fearlessly doesn’t mean being afraid, it means having doubts. It means living in spite of things that scare you to death. They don’t fear what life throws at them. Nor are they afraid of change. Our friends, neighbors, dogs including us change. Because change is an inevitable part of life. But it can be a scary hell.

Healthy boundaries
Mentally strong people have healthy boundaries

But at any time faced with difficult situations in their lives, they know it’s an opportunity to make themselves stronger. Firstly they are willing to face their fears. Willing to get out of the comfort zone. Sometimes resistant, but ultimately coming out strong. Secondly, they accept the challenges life throws at them, training oneself to let go of everything they fear to lose. 

5. They forgive and forget

To err is human to forgive is divine

Mentally Strong People don’t find themselves trapped in past hurtful feelings and emotions. No matter how hurtful the situation might be they have learned to forgive. Always ready to move ahead in life. Nothing can hold them back not even past trauma!

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Lastly, they know that” the more easily you forgive yourself, the more likely you can forgive others.”

6.They don’t depend on others for validation

What makes people weak? Their need for validation and recognition, they need to feel important all the goddamn time. Don’t get caught in the trap

Paul Caelho. 
how do i stop seeking validation?

Mentally strong people know one’s self-worth sprouts from within. So they don’t rely on others to validate them. Instead, they have self fueled goals. Knowing it’s ok to stand out and pleasing everyone is not possible.

Their goals give them happiness. They are self-sufficient. So engrossed in their mission that such things don’t touch them. They have a healthy self-esteem. Therefore, they are comfortable with the fact that they’re not awesome at everything and it’s ok to not be cool sometimes. Sometimes it’s ok to suck.

7. They are not afraid of being alone

Lonely and alone both mean different. Commonly assumed to be the same. Lonely is a feeling, for example, people feel lonely in their homes these days. Whereas being alone means actually having no one around.

travel alone
Travel alone (unfuckwithable)

Mentally strong don’t always travel in packs or in friend’s circles. They step out of their comfort zone and explore life on their own. Comfortable with oneself and being one’s BFF. Dating themselves and exercising on their own. Enjoying time alone is what they like.

Learning to be happy alone doesn’t just benefit you when you’re alone, but it allows you to approach relationships from a place of confidence and power.

So which of these things you do? Are you a mentally strong person?

Do share with your mentally strong folks in the comments, as this helps me make more such content for you.

Thank you.

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