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attractive habits for guys
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We all have that one guy in our group who knows it all, who is well dressed and everybody likes him. Probably, he has all the attractive habits of men we wish we would have known. Not to worry, this article talks on all the top 9 attractive habits for guys which will make you an attractive man.

First on the 9 attractive habits for guys is

Give people your full attention

attractive habits for guys

How do you give someone full attention?

This is a habit not many people do these days more. Idk why. U mm, you know the reason, your’s and mine phone. So, put your phone down, nod your head , listen to what they are saying and give them your full attention.There is so much distraction these days, but when you still manage to give people your full undivided attention, that’s so much attractive. It makes people feel important and they ultimately end liking you. If you were not doing this, start this from today itself. Not only do this on a date but also with family,friends and colleagues. To conclude, I mean do it everyday with your phone facing down on the table or in your pockets.

Second on the 9 attractive habits for guys is

Being in charge

things guys do that turn you on
Being in charge

How to be a leader?

Whether it’s making really tough choices or picking up the restaurant where you and girlfriend want to go for date,being in charge plays a major role. Additionally,taking charge makes you a leader. Not to forget, you gotta be equally responsible and accept mistakes if they occur at your end. In the light of this, it means you are a problem solver and you are committed to improving anything that needs improvement. It also makes people feel safe and secure around you.

Third on the 9 attractive habits for guys is

Having proper Body language and posture

How to have proper body language in communication?

body language in communication

Imagine you’re the most stylish guy in the room, you would be wearing the most expensive suit, or maybe CEO of a company but if your hands are in your pockets / slouching then nobody will take you seriously.Firstly, always walk with your back straight and chest out, exuding confidence and knowing you are amazing. Secondly, during public meetings or gatherings, always walk in the room like you own the place. This is a great hack to train your body to not get nervous. What else makes our posture worse? Um-mm, slouching while using the phone. Be aware of your posture and body language you give out when using phones. Lastly, standing tall will make you look strong.

Fourth on the 9 attractive habits for guys is

Being positive in negative situations

We all are familiar with those energy sucking,negativity spreading vampires who drain away all your good vibes. Its OK, sometimes. But not every time. If we keep thinking negative , we are going to attract the same things in our life. In the light of this, instead of complaining and calling names, a realistic person looks to find solution. Its like this, ‘I have a problem and am going to find a solution for this.’ A real man doesn’t exhibit fake positivity all the time, he knows when to remain cool and when to take action. Furthermore,we tend to like people more who uplift us and encourage us at every stage of our lives.

attractive habits for guys

Taking action, being in control is definitely going to reap you good results.

Fifth on the 9 attractive habits for guys is

Having a daily exercise routine

Benefits of exercise
Benefits of exercise

What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise releases good and happy hormones in your body. It not only keeps you energetic but also keeps you in shape. I see to it that I hit the gym almost everyday. Working on myself improves my confidence and makes me feel sexy as well. It makes me look more sharp. Moreover, my pictures in camera also look amazing. If you can’t hit the gym, try doing some physical activity. It could be some running ,jogging, dance moves or home workouts.The point is to keep your body moving constantly. Exercise has known to reduce day-to-day stress therefore, improve happiness and enhance your mood throughout the day.

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Sixth on the 9 attractive habits for guys is

Having good manners

What are the basic manners required to make me more charming?

male habits for guys
male habits for guys

Many people underestimate this powerful yet simple habit. But it is one of the powerful male habits for guys. Somebody did them a favor, or helped them with lifting heavy weights in a gym ; what they do is just slip away. I am like, wtf man,so ungrateful. However, a simple please or a thank you goes a long way, it makes people like you. You become more grateful in things in your life and less entitled which is a good thing. Equally importantly,it shows people that you value things in life and you value their efforts. For instance, asking for something from a person instead of saying,’hey, give me your pen’ you could say ; ‘hey , would you please give me your pen.’ Also to not to mention, saying thank you for every small thing anybody does for you

Don’t just limit this to your friends, family or your girlfriend say this magical words to strangers as well. See how it of course, sprouts a smile on their face. People judge you on how you treat others around you. If you’re on a date, your girlfriend is definitely going to see how you treat the waiter and the staff that serve you. To conclude, being a man with good manners exhibits confidence,warmth and it sets standards on how you want people to treat you.

Seventh on the 9 easy habits for men is

Complimenting people

How to compliment someone you like?
It’s not that hard as it seems. It requires some practice initially. Complimenting a person not only improves their mood but also increases your happiness as well. Suppose you meet a friend in your college or workplace and they are looking good; tell them ‘you look amazing/beautiful/awesome/great today.’ To be more specific,compliment them on their hairstyle,dressing sense,accessories they are wearing or their shoes. My favorite go to lines are,’ hey, I like this watch of yours,this matches and enhances your outfit.’

How to compliment any girl/boy? Some good to go statements are given below:

  • You have great dressing sense.
  • I like your style.
  • You are a great listener.
  • I like the way how you inspire and motivate me.
  • Hanging out with you is always fun.
  • You always know just what to say.

The only downside is don’t keep on praising anyone or put them on a pedestal. If you liked something about the person, just compliment them, no overdoing it. It will make you look fake. Lastly, don’t compliment anyone to make them feel good just for name’s sake. Instead, be honest.

Eighth on the 9 attractive habits for guys list is

Saying people’s names

How to remember anyone’s name easily?

body language in communication
body language in communication

A memory hack to remember the names of everyone you meet is constantly repeat their names in a conversation.Previously, it used to be difficult for me to remember names, so I used to go like,’hey could you tell me your name again, I forgot it’. Believe me this sucks. I learned this habit from You Tube, since then I am practicing this. You could do this to know people better and an advantage of this repeating their names makes you remember it for a long time. Simply say their name back to them as soon as they you what it is. If you are having a conversation, repeat their names a few times. They’re going to like it and also an easy way to like you easily. Since, you made them feel important. This is a simple but very effective hack.

Ninth on the hot guy habits list is

Having a good skin routine

Facewash,moisturize and exfoliate

The last one but not the least one on the list is taking care of your skin.Yes,there is thing called men skincare too.It should be a daily thing. The sooner you start this, the better the results. It is meant to keep your skin look healthy and fresh. Precaution is better than cure in the same way, taking care of your face skin is crucial rather than regretting after the damage is done. For instance, if you go out or hit a gym, see to it that you wash your face with a mild face-wash to remove all the dirt from your skin. Then comes moisturizing your skin. When going out always see to it that wear a sunscreen for sure, to prevent sun damage and sun tan.


To revise again in short the top 9 attractive/male habits for guys:

  • Give people your full attention
  • Take charge when required ( this answers your question on how to be a leader)
  • Have proper body posture and language
  • Being positive and cool in all situations
  • Have a daily exercise routine (benefits of exercise)
  • Having good manners
  • Saying people’s name (hack to remember people’s names easily)
  • Complimenting people (how to compliment a girl/boy)
  • Having a good skin care routine (men skincare)

This are all the masculine habits required on what makes a boy a man.

Thank you amazing alpha for reading this post till here.

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