Master the seven skills of Body Language In Communication to Be Successful.

body language of communication
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Whenever we meet a new person,our body language speaks 70% about us. You see,how much is non-verbal communication important over verbal communication. Well, in this blog we’ll see how exactly to Master The Skills Of Body Language In Communication And Be Successful.

Because of poor body language in communication, many people get rejected in Interviews. There are also people out there like me who because of poor knowledge of body language in communication didn’t do well in a school presentation.
In spite, of the failures I faced, I didn’t let them overcome me. I researched to find these 7 useful tips to be a master in Body language for communication.
Not only I combined these tips with my styling ways but also they kept elevating my confidence levels. If I can,then you can too be a master of body language.
If you want to have a confident,attractive and respected body language then continue reading.

1.What is body language in a nutshell?

Sometimes when we meet somebody, we’re either like ‘omg what a personality.’ Some days, somebody looks creepy and at other times you want to idolize a person. Where is the difference? The sole difference is in the body language. Body language plays a vital role in personality development. What you speak is not that important but how you speak is more important.

What you speak is not that important but how you speak is more important.

Body postures send out strong signals without any words. It’s all about whether you’re leaning on the wall during talking, scratching your head, fidgeting with fingers in an interview or playing with your hairs. It can be a tilt of your legs towards the person you’re talking to, folding of your hands representing defensive body posture, slouching when using your phone, avoiding eye contact,etc.Because of poor body language in communication, many people get rejected in Interviews. Don’t worry, it won’t take you years to understand, only within a few hours you can understand the entire body language concept.

2.How important is body language in communication?

When you can understand such body language and gestures, you can completely interpret the message people are conveying. Reading and interpreting these signs is an important part of body language in communication. The importance of body language is that not only you will be aware of how to react but also it will give you an edge over people. And you’ll be able to adjust yourself to have a more confident body language. Along with body language examples you will learn how to read any body language.

Why is posture important?

body language in communication
Non-verbal communication is more important than verbal communication

The way you move and carry yourself can convey a lot about your personality and attitude. Even though, this may not be deliberate. Your posture is one of the first visual cues you give off and can affect how you are perceived by others. Being aware of your posture can help give out a positive impression. For instance, think about how you yourself form impression of others by how they carry themselves. Posture can strongly affect perception. Moreover,it can give insights into personality,mood and emotional state of a person.

What are the different types of body postures?

Postures can largely be categorized into two types.
Open and closed body posture

Open body posture

In an open body posture you sit and stand up straight. Also, your chest and abdomen are usually exposed. Feet is spread apart and weight is equally distributed. Additionally, your arms and feet are not crossed. Your palms are open and hands are relaxed. An open body posture can make you seem friendly, approachable and relaxed. In this, you face and tilt towards the person you’re speaking to. This conveys interest and a readiness to listen. An open body posture makes the other party feel comfortable,accepted and at ease.

open body language
Open body language

Closed body posture

A closed body posture is literally when parts of your body is closed or turned inwards. For instance, a stiff or a rigid posture, slouched shoulders,clasping your hands and crossed arms/legs, lowering your gaze are all signs of a closed body posture. A closed body posture can have negative annotations. It could convey you are shy,nervous, uncomfortable, defensive and not interested. Moreover, it could also mean you’re not yet ready and not at ease.

crossed arms body language
closed body language

How to improve your posture instantly ?

A good posture is linked with good emotions and feelings flooding your body. For instance, whenever you’re feeling nervous or stressed, try going for a confident posture. Open up your body, loosen up your arms,uncross your legs, keep your head high and stand tall. Walk around and really feel this posture. Not only it will help to reduce your tension but it will also lift up your spirits. Posture can also increase energy levels.

To understand everything in detail and to know how to have a confident body language below I have listed seven tips. So,we will learn how to read body language along with some examples.

Which body position is good for us and which is not?

The first on the mastering skills of body language in communication is the
Feet body language

Whenever you are standing see to it that the distance between your shoulders should match that of your legs. Moreover, the direction of your feet should be outward. Why to do so? According to experts,keep your feet outwards at an angle ranging from 45 to 60 degrees. Because this exhibits relaxed,calm and confident body language.(don’t keep measuring,let it be natural). Additionally, it is a component of open feet body language.

Some people have the habit of jumping on their feet while some people bend forward or backwards while talking. In addition to this, some cross their legs as well. Stop doing this. Crossed legs body posture represents defensive stance.

How to improve your foot body language then?

First, record yourself when presenting anything. You will come to know where you’re making mistakes. Secondly, you can drastically improve your body language by watching your own videos.
Next, let’s look the posture of legs while sitting. For men, it ok to cross legs but don’t do it before seniors. As it will give away a wrong impression. For women, it is ok to cross legs even in front of seniors.

The second on the mastering skills list of body language in communication is the

Arms body language

First, let’s look at the do’s and dont’s of arms body language.
Let look at the dont’s

hands in pockets
Avoid putting hands in pockets

Never put your hands in your pockets when standing.(unless you’re posing for a picture)
Avoid crossed arms body language as it represents defensive posture.Furthermore, it shows people you’re less interested in what they are saying.

Avoid scratching/touching your face when giving an interview. (for girls -don’t play with your hair). Clasping your hands in front of your body or standing in Vivekananda style are a big no.

How are these positions related to closed body language?

All the three above mentioned positions represent closed body language. Moreover, it makes you look nervous and shy which we don’t want.
Because all the above positions represent closed body language.
Let’s look at the do’s of arms body language.

1. Always keep your hands straight by your side because this depicts this open body language. ( Moreover, this depicts a relaxed and confident body posture)

2. Furthermore, during explaning anything/public speaking see to it, that you make use of your hands. ( protip- this shows people you know what you’re saying)

3. Whenever you go for an interview/meet a new friend(um m it can be any person) see to it that you always do a firm handshake.( this doesn’t mean that you crush their hand, be firm but be aware as well.)

how to do handshake
Firm handshake

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Third on the mastering skills list of body language for communication is the
Chest body language

How to improve your back posture? How do I stop slouching?

A body posture with back out and chest in shows you’re tired. Additionally, it shows you’re a lazy person. The right position is to stand straight. Not to forget, chest should be out and press your back inwards. Do check out these exercises on how to improve your back posture.

body language examples
Pull up exercise to improve back posture

You will need to strengthen your back muscles more. Equally important, do some shoulder squeeze exercises. Likewise, you may also want to go to the gym to improve your posture. This posture is not only a confident gesture but also a power pose.

Fourth on the mastering skills list of body language of communication is the
Head body language

Whether you’re sitting or standing, the head should be faced straight. Also, it should be facing forward. When talking don’t put your head down, otherwise it will depict you’re submissive. Equally important, if your head is always up , it will show you’re arrogant.
Along with head posture, two more things are important for a confident body language.

Fifth on the mastering skills list of body language in nonverbal communication is maintaining eye contact

3 ways to maintain eye contact with anyone.

Eyes are the doors to your soul.

good eye contact
Good eye contact

This sums up how powerful eye contact can be if used strategically and appropriately.Firstly, Making eye contact is an important social skill and a way of connecting with others. Secondly, it is a meaningful way of having a conversation and engaging someone in a conversation. Lastly, maintaining eye contact is seen as a sign of confidence. Conversely, making little to no eye contact is not good. This represents you are shy, have low confidence, uncomfortable and even dishonest.

Constantly staring at someone will make them feel uncomfortable. In the light of this, avoiding any sort of eye contact will make you look uninterested in the conversation.

Then, how to have good eye contact?

So,to solve this problem, I follow the 80/20 rule. During any conversation maintain 80% continuous eye contact which will make the other person interested in what you saying. Similarly, in the rest 20% eye contact, you can look here and there. This is a really effective eye contact technique. Maintaining good eye contact during a conversation,speech or presentation makes your words more memorable. People will feel you’re talking to them and will be more engaged.

How to maintain eye contact in a group?

When talking to a group make an effort to gaze at everyone and not fix it at one person. For instance, if you are in a meeting and presenting to your boss, don’t simply look at your boss. Glance at your team members occasionally and they will feel included.
Sometimes, some people can’t maintain eye contact at all. For such people, a quick hack is try looking at the nose instead of the eyes. It will give the same hint that you’re having a good eye contact. Not only this will make you less vulnerable but also your aim of having a strong eye contact also is accomplished.

Sixth on the mastering skills list of body language in nonverbal communication is the
Our smile

Smiling shows ‘I am a friendly dude and I am up for positive interactions.’ Smiling can trick your body into feeling lovely and enjoyable from feeling nervous. It has a strong link with good health and longevity( I don’t know how, but it has). People are naturally drawn to people who smile a lot. So, to attract people towards you, simply use a smile. In case of a stress environment, smiling will help ease a lot of stress and will elevate your mood as well. Lastly, smiling is a very good example of nonverbal communication.

smiling boy
smiling makes you 100 times more attractive

Seventh on the mastering skills list of body language in nonverbal communication is
Utilizing the space around you properly

Whenever you are sitting on a chair.
Avoid doing these common mistakes everyone makes.

How to sit properly in a chair?

Sitting with your tummy bulging or protruding out
Drooping your shoulders
Sitting at the edge of the chair
Just reclining on the chair.

If everything is wrong then what is right then?
Sit up with your back straight. Moreover, it should touch the chair. Try taking your chest out and keep hands on your thighs. (only when you are not working.)


Your body posture and language are the first things anyone will notice. Make use of the above given amazing tips on mastering skills of body language in communication. You will not see a rise in your confidence but also you will easily understand others body language as well.Furthermore,it will help you analyze and interpret what others are up to. Be it any situation positive or negative, you will handle it with ease .Once you master this,it will be like your best friend during interviews and public events. And sooner or later you will be on your path towards success.

Thank you for reading.

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