How to look better for men: 10 tips from Adin Dias Style

How to look better for men
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If you could change very minute things in your life to not only look better. But also take your styling game from a zero to a ten, who wouldn’t like to do it? In this blog, I will discuss ten simple tips on how to look better for men on a budget. Moreover, with little to no money spending.
Let’s be honest. Whether you’re single still looking for the special girl out there or if you’re already dating someone, we men want to look better to them. Luckily, there are some simple yet powerful tips in this blog on how to look better for men on a budget.
I have lot of male friends complaining to me that I don’t look good as him, I am not impressive enough, what can I do to look even more better? That’s the problem. You should stop comparing yourself to others or stop looking better than your friends. Your goal should just be to improve yourself.On Adin Dias Style Blog the idea is not to compete with others but to compete against yourself. So, that you’re better than what you were yesterday.
We’ll see some minute tweaks and upgrades in your daily routines which will take you from looking average to awesome. Even, incredible.

First on the look better for men list is

Whiten your teeth

We all know that first impression is also the last impression. I see to it that my teeth are white all the time. It makes me more confident with my smile. Moreover, there’s no reason to hide it. That’s so much attractive.Whenever we meet a new person, teeth are the things anybody will notice subconsciously. Alright, if you have stained,dirty,yellow teeth, thats not good. Don’t worry guys, it’s very easy to fix.

How to look better for men
  1. Head on to a pharmasy or a medical store and ask for teeth whitening strips. (umm, the results won’t be quick but you have to be patient)
  2. Invest in a teeth whitening toothpaste.
  3. Get a mouthwash which not only give you good breath but will also help remove hidden stains from your teeth.
  4. A home remedy for teeth whitening ( maybe,call it a hack). Take baking soda in a plate and mix it with lemon juice. Apply it carefully on your teeth. Not to mention, don’t apply it on your gums as it will give a burning sensation.(either use a toothbrush, I prefer using fingers to apply the mixture).
  5. Simply, by whitening your teeth you can not only look attractive but also charming.

Second on the look better for men list is

Work on your body posture and communication skills

You can be the Ceo of a big company wearing a suit or could be the face of a company. But if walk/talk with a bad posture believe me, nobody is going to take you seriously. Furthermore, because of poor body language people don’t get dates,get rejected in Interviews,etc. Take my example, I used to fail badly in personality development competition when I was in school. Now I know that, I don’t repeat this mistakes again.I have written an awesome article on Mastering The Skills Of Body Language In Communication to Be Successful. If you too think your posture is bad, then this is a must read. I’ll discuss the points here in brief.

how to look better for guys
Confident body posture
  • See to it that you have an open body posture during public events and interviews.
  • Closed body posture would exhibit you are uncomfortable and not confident in your skin. Eventhough,you might be speaking something great, nobody will take you seriously.
  • Whether working on PC or using your mobile, be aware of your posture. Firstly, avoid slouching and bending your spine. Sit straight with back erect.
  • Furthermore, while standing stand with back straight, chest out ,shoulders all squeezed/pressed behind. This will you a confident body posture instantly.
  • You may even want to hit the gym or do home workouts to get your posture back on track. Check these easy exercises which I recommend.If you’re already hitting the gym see to that you include more sets during the back day. Because of this you can train as much as muscles of your back as possible which will drastically improve your posture.

Third on the look better for men list is

Exercise your forearms

I came across this weird thing lately. Since, then I am working on my forearms more. Biceps and triceps are all cool. But the thing which can make you 100% more attractive are your massive forearms.

Why do girls like forearms?

Exercise your forearms

If you already have and were hiding them then its time you roll up your sleeves. Moreover, forearms are the first muscles anybody sees.Furthermore,most women like guys with massive forearms. They look sexy and masculine. Women think that a guy with huge forearms are more arousing because of their distinct masculinity. It makes them look more strong because of those big veiny things. They not only send signals that this guy will protect me, keep me safe but also those juicy forearms are everready for work. They’re ready to get their hands dirty.

Fourth on the look better for men list is

Never Smell Bad

Most men ignore this so important thing. Contrary to this, we expect women to be good smelling and hygienic. Trust me if you smell like a garbage dump and you end up in an event, nobody will like staying near you. They’ll run away from you. Imagine if your styling game is a ten,you’re a greek god but when you’re near someone that bad smell from you goes in people’s nose like it happens in cartoon. Obviously, we don’t want this happening.

How do I naturally smell good?
When should I apply perfumes?

How to look better for men
  1. Use perfumes and deoderants everyday. First, perfumes are used on formal occasions during business meetings. Second, if you’re college/school going guy go for a deoderant. Lastly, perfumes and deoderants are to be used occasionwise.
  2. If you sweat a lot then go for an antiperspirant. Apply antiperspirant at night before sleeping so that you don’t smell bad the other day.
  3. A home remedy for naturally smelling good. After you finish bathing apply lemon on your armpits since this eliminates bad odour for the entire day.

Fifth on the look better for men list is

Drink lots of water

Since I am a college going student busy in studies and project submission,getting dehydrated was becoming a problem for me. Then I noticed my skin,hair getting dry and feeling a lot tired during workouts. As I researched for what caused this problem then I realized that less fluids in body was the sole reason. In light of this problem, I started drinking lots of water,somewhere around (3.5 litres) per day. Not only my hair started looking good but also my skin started glowing and became soft. Not to mention, I felt less to no fatigue during workouts. My energy levels are often high these days.

drink lots of water
Man drinking water

What are the benefits of drinking a lot of water? Some more benefits of drinking lots of water.

  1. It helps maximize physical performance.
  2. Can help improve mood,energy levels and concentration.
  3. Helps relieve constipation.
  4. Helps in treating/avoiding kidney stones.
  5. If you’re into weight loss then drinking lots of water is your boon companion.
  6. It flushes out toxins from your body.

Sixth on the look better for men list is

Develop a skincare routine

We all have different skin care type. Some have dry while some have oily and whatnot. Develop your skincare routine guys. I see to it whenever I come home from out I wash my face with facewash. Even after hitting the gym. I have made it mandatory to wash my face twice a day so that all dead skin cells and dirt get washed off my skin. Then I moisturize as well after every facewash.

how to look better for men

Exfoliating a week will do. I can assure you if you’re with a woman she would love it if you took care of your skin. Its not about self-importance but it has to do with self-respect. These basics things will helps make you look good with no money.

Seventh on the look better for men list is

Smile more

Smiling will make anyone look 100% more better and attractive. So, simply smile more. It shows people this guy is positive and happy and I want to be with him. It helps elevate your mood. Furthermore, you look composed and calm. Also, great hack when you work in a stress environment, tackle it with a smile. Smiling more works like a magnet, you’ll notice that you’re attracting really nice people in your life. Simply, smiling will not only make you attractive but also charming as well.

How to look better on a budget

Eighth on the look better for men list is

Dress appropriately for the occasion

See to it that you dress just right for any occasion. How do I choose the right clothes?

How to select an outfit for an occasion? Which outfit fits well on my bodytype?

Don’t worry, such blogs all designed to take your game from a zero to a complete ten are coming on the way. See to it that you subscribe my email list right here now. So, that any new post I publish is right there in your emails to help you.

Never choose those oversized baggy jeans. On the other hand, those super skinny jeans which make you look even more thin. Especially, if you’re buff and have huge muscles don’t be like that guy who wear over tight shirts flexing his biceps/triceps all the time. Believe me, they can see right through you. Most people actually hate puffed up; arrogant dudes who walk like ‘look at me’. Real confidence is being humble. Its will you look glamorous on a budget.
So which clothes to go for then if everything is wrong?

How to look classy on a budget?
  1. Wear clothes which slightly touch your body.
  2. If you know your size then good if you don’t then visit a tailor.
  3. My size is medium. The clothes which I buy are slim fit. Not too baggy not too sticky, just the perfect fit.
  4. Go for comfort over trending outfits. This will make you look fashionable on a budget.

Ninth on the look better for men list is


How do I groom myself as a man?

These days,self/proper grooming for men is a must.No need to visit the salon for things which you could do on your own. First if you just have three or four hairs on your face,which you call beard, then brother its time to get them off. Chances are you’re that guy who looks good clean shaved rather than those 3 4 long hairs which are a big no no. This will help you look classy on a budget.

Grooming for men

On the other hand, if you have a really nice beard trim it the right way so that it matches your face cut. Moreover, go for a one which matches your hairstyle. But if you really have a beard, just shave the hair below the neck. Second in the self grooming for men, trim off unwanted hair from your nose and ear. If you’re in a conversation instead of listening to you, people would be irritated by that thing coming out from your nose. Thirdly, if you have hair right between your eyebrow just get rid of them.

Tenth on the look better for men list is

Check your attitude

If you got all the above things right but if your attitude stinks. Then these 9 tips are not going to take you anywhere.

How to have the right attitude?

Humility and vulnerability are really good values which I personally admire and like a lot. They help me stay grounded. I prefer being humble rather than popular. Because humbility is something which I can control and is the right attitude. Popularity is never under anyone’s control. Someday people like you the other day they don’t.

There is a very thin line between arrogance and confidence. No matter what you in achieve in life, it doesn’t give you any right to put others down. Arrogance is used by the weak and insecure. But kindness is a sign of the confident.


Key takeaways on how to look good with no money? How to look classy on a budget?

  1. Whiten your teeth (invest in teeth whitening toothpaste and strips)
  2. Work on your posture and communication skills.
  3. Exercise your forearms( massive/veiny forearms look sexy to girls)
  4. Use a perfume/deoderant to keep body smell away.
  5. Drink lots of water ( your hair and skin will start looking good)
  6. Wash your face regularly and maintain a skincare routine.
  7. Smile more
  8. Invest in slim fit clothes
  9. Maintain a regular grooming routine
  10. Keep your attitude under check.

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